Our Sales Process

Selling your home can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Clara Mitchell Enns will help make the process as straightforward and trouble-free as possible.

Here’s how Clara will help:

1. Pricing Perfectly

Selecting the correct price for your home is determined through a careful process. While it’s up to you, the seller, to determine the asking price, Clara will help make that decision a clear one. A market evaluation provides an estimate based on other properties in your area, but it’s not the only factor. Clara also takes into account your home’s unique selling features, the preferred possession date, and the other homes currently available for sale or recently sold. This allows Clara to determine your home’s competitive position in the marketplace; she can then price accordingly.

2. Pre-Sale Preparation

Clara helps you get your home ready to enter the market with style. Her advice and recommendations will allow you to present your home in its best light, inside and out. She’ll also work with you to pull together the information that you have about your home and your neighbourhood that buyers are going to be most eager to find out about.

3. Proven Promotion

Just like you, Clara doesn’t have time to waste, so she is going to make sure that she gets your home in front of qualified, interested buyers. Clara’s marketing strategy has proven itself, time and again. Contact Clara to find out more – she would love to help you.

Make the right move.

Contact Clara for all the details!