Tips For Sellers

Getting Your Home Ready For Sale

Just like you, Clara doesn’t have time to waste, so she is going to make sure that she gets your home in front of qualified, interested buyers. Clara’s marketing strategy has proven itself, time and again. Contact Clara to find out more – she would love to help you.

  • Curb Appeal: Get rid of the rusty cans and old tires. Take down the Christmas lights and put out some pots of bright flowers. Or the other way around, depending on the season.
  • Refresh the paint on the front door and in high traffic areas.
  • Sniff test: go outside, and then come back in and smell. Do you smell pets? Stale cooking odors? Get rid of any bad odors.
  • Have carpets and drapes cleaned.
  • Repair any obvious damage to walls.
  • Paint colours: is your paint worn or the colours looking dated? Consider repainting in a neutral tone.
  • Kitchen: This is a big budget item for repairs or renovations, but even a thorough cleaning and decluttering can do wonders.
  • Bathrooms are very important to buyers. Clean, repair, and do what is necessary to make them look great!
  • Declutter the basement and make sure it is clean and fresh-smelling.
  • Declutter. Declutter. Declutter. Sell or donate unwanted items. Rent a storage space or a friend’s garage if your house is crowded with furniture.

Make the right move.

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